Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Think of your best day. Mine is WAY BETTER.

I didn’t see it comin’… but it came. I sat next to a great man on my flight today. The one and only Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Just relaxing, conversing like kings. Making a connection. He’s a First Class dude and so am I. I’m still on a high. But I’m over the initial excitement because when it comes down to it… he’s just a man, ya know? As am I. Me and His Airness just happened to be cut from the same cloth. Literally. We were both sportin’ our Lay Flat Collar undershirts. (Snapped some pics on the cell. It’d be a shame not to share ‘em.)


  1. Great pics... Laughing about the commercials right now... Love them!!! Hubby loves the Lay Flat Collars too! Which reminds me... time to stock up!

  2. all I can say is, Hanes advertising department for the win. I thought, "I bet the blog exists." Sure enough.

    I'll buy some "Lie" Flat Collars for my dad. :)